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Vivint Security Monitor in Bellingham
September 23, 2021

Can I use a security camera as a baby monitor in Bellingham?

Can I use a security camera as a baby monitor in Bellingham?

When setting up your child’s first room, you carefully followed steps to build the crib, painted the space a soft, lighter shade, and created a fully-stocked diaper-changing area. You’re now ready to determine the manner in which you're going to watch over your precious one. You have the option of going with the conventional monitoring choice that gives you the ability to listen in through a connected audio receiver, or you might improve your technology and get high-definition video, two-way talk, and initialization through motion sensing.

The higher tech alternative may make you think of cameras found in a comprehensive home security system, but can you use a security camera as a baby monitor in Bellingham? 

What do you want in a baby monitor in Bellingham?

In previous generations of parenting, a baby monitor was pretty simple. You put a a device with a built-in microphone on a table next to the crib, which transmits an audio feed to a connected gadget that resembles a walkie talkie. Fortunately, baby monitors now provide additional benefits. For example, many monitors now offer clear HD video capability and two-direction communications. You can also link some monitors to your wireless network so you are able to move around wherever you want. The latest baby monitors in Bellingham are so sophisticated that they resemble inside surveillance in both functionality and cost.

Can you switch baby monitor with an integrated surveillance system?

Knowing that baby monitors and home defense cameras share comparable functionality, there are quite a few parents in Bellingham connecting their nursery to their comprehensive home security package. So it makes sense -- especially if you’re upgrading to Vivint smart home technology -- as your baby monitor will give you access to:

Night vision video: Your surveillance system should have at least 1080p high-def video, and infrared LED technology for reliable low-light performance.

Two-direction audio: You won’t always have to go into the room to soothe your baby back to a gentle slumber. A comforting word might be the only requirement to keep your little one asleep.

Sensors and alerts: Even though it’s an option to have your camera function around the clock to carefully watch your newborn, your attentiveness may begin to waver. Conversely, if your camera notices unusual activity, then you can get a message to your smartphone. Perfect when your adventurous newborn quietly scrambles out of the crib or when your family dog wanders into the nursery.

Recording capabilities: Many baby monitors do not capture video footage. Now you have the ability to transmit a short segment to grandparents to let them see what a peaceful, precious baby you have.

Smartphone access: Instead of carrying monitoring equipment around, you are now able to view your child from a simple smartphone app. You might even say hello to your young one and babysitter when you go for an evening away.

Your security camera baby monitor can be part of your integrated smart home plan

The great part about using a security camera as a baby monitor in Bellingham is that you can connect it to your corresponding home automation and security products. As an illustration, if you observe that your little one is particularly restless, you are able to tweak your thermostat from your smartphone app to make it more comfortable. Additionally, when they awaken for a 2 a.m. bottle, you have the chance to gently raise the room's smart bulbs to indicate you will be there soon. And if you have at least two small children in unconnected areas, you can give each one a camera and monitor the feeds in a single smartphone app.

An indoor security camera in Bellingham is an important aspect of your overall home security system

If you are looking for a home security camera to use as a baby monitor or you simply want to enhance your general security, get started by contacting Secure24 Alarm Systems. A Vivint professional will guide you through all the possibilities and help you get the most suitable home defense package for your property. Place a call to (360) 205-2750 or fill out the form below.